Submit Music

Channel 98.9 loves our local artists & musicians.  We do our best to expose the awesome music being made in our area to our listeners.  If you are a musician from western PA, southwestern NY or northeastern OH and would like to submit your recording(s) for consideration please fill out the form below.  We will reply with instructions for how to upload your track(s).


Channel 98 promotes local music in several ways and via several media forms.   You can submit any tracks you wish but please be aware of the following guidelines that we follow for tracks to be considered for airplay during regular rotation programming:

  1.  Tracks should fit the overall sound of the Channel 98.9 format.  While we try not to pigeon-hole music the tracks should fit into the rock / alternative / blues / indie / AAA general categories.
  2. Tracks must be in a high quality audio file format equivalent to 320 kbps mp3 or better.  WAV, FLAC and other loss-less file types are even better.
  3. Tracks played and frequency with which they are played are determined by the programming department and those decisions are based on feedback received via listeners, requests, social media activity and other similar data gathering activities.
  4. All submissions are treated fairly and based on their own individual merits.  No preferential treatment will be made for any reason.